Friday, 7 February 2014

Time Piece

Not to be coy about the unfinished business in Guimaraes I mentioned yesterday. I'd bought a ceramic piece titled "Risk" for Tom at an artisans' shop, Artigo, in 2010. Just right for a performer, I thought: a tiny human figure peering over the edge of its large terracotta base. But the piece never made it to Tom (long story). Today I went back to Artigo. Paula's still there, with her French/Portuguese accent and her two daughters four years older, but all the "history of life" series (by an artist named Jose Teixeira), of which "Risk" was one, have been sold. Except one.
Speaking of finished business, the sun was going down an hour later as I sat in a café with a couple of beer, watching the opening ceremonies from Sochi. And fifty years ago tonight it was The Beatles I watched, on The Ed Sullivan Show.
The night of dance at the Guimaraes festival started at 7:30. First an artist danced with his own video image. A tad narcissistic, but the guy could dance. Second, four dancers working at some kind of post-primitive re-enactment. They couldn't. I would have walked out, but too many people already had and I felt sorry for the dancers.
Dancing back to Lisbon tomorrow.

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