Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A Simple True or False for Today

The Spanish embassy was no help.
I was early for the cinema.
I looked down to the sea.
The Marques do Pombal rebuilt Lisbon after the earthquake.
This is my brain on Looking For Things.
He shone my boots down at Rossio.


The boots are camera shy.
I caught the tram home.




Brenda Schmidt said...

All true. Well, except for the shy boots.

Bernadette said...

Those boots are definitely not shy. I saw the photo shoot, right here on this blog. They are exhibitionist books -- anything but shy!

Gerald Hill said...

Ok, a tougher true/false next time. Thanks for checking in.

Pam Bustin said...

yeah...those boots are just PRETENDING to be shy.
Now that they are all famous n whatnot they are avoiding the flashbulbs