Thursday, 13 February 2014

"Come and read your letter of love to Fernando Pessoa"

That's the invitation for tomorrow night's event at Casa Fernando Pessoa. I think I'll read a piece that may go something like this:

You Are In Love (for F.P.)

Where the sea sings its rapture at the shore, you are in love.
With the wooden ecstasies of trams, you are in love.
Translating pen to paper, you are in love.
Three women under one umbrella, blocking the sidewalk of Rua do Sapadores, in wide sunglasses though skies are dull and they're standing under one umbrella, after all--with these women in the dark coats and silk scarves you are in love.
The dogs for whom love is water, you protect with your love.
Holding a key to any room you are in love.
Sacks of potatoes wheeled into the pastelarias, cervejarias, snack bars and restaurants on Largo dos Cominhos de Ferro you love, knowing that, like love, these treasures will be consumed.
With the secrets of your own body concealed against winter rain you are in love.
With the hand that sets the pratos do dia before you, you are in love, hungry for it.

[to be continued]

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Brenda Schmidt said...

Enjoying your posts very much! All caught up.