Monday, 3 February 2014

Poets On Foot In Lisbon

My son Tom sent me a link to a Jerry Seinfeld project called Comedians In Cars Going For Coffee. He knows I remain a big Seinfeld fan, not just for his hit show but for the man's general approach, as I understand it, to what he does and who he is (his enormous respect for the comedians who came before him, for one thing). In the Tina Fey episode, she remarks, "Why does everyone think they need an audience for every moment of their lives?"
This I noted as I wondered what to enter in this blog for today. On the shortlist: (1) what a Lisbonite would observe about grocery stores in Regina. (Hint: No fresh eel?); (2) how places so impossible to find become, in the end, so obvious; (3) how my blue eyes tend to turn anyone I encounter into English speakers; (4) how the convincing note about "just walking the seven hills of Lisbon is workout enough" collapsed when I observed a beautiful Portuguese woman stroll toward a fitness club; (5) what time does not just to the layers of human occupation on the highest of the hills but to the skin colour of that Lisbonite.
I don't know. I wrote so much yesterday or walked to much today. I'm tired. Riding with Jerry in one of his vintage cars, I'd wonder, like Tina, what I could say next.

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