Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Graca, The Neighbourhood

After the coldest, windiest, rainiest night I've seen (if one sees night) in Lisbon, I woke up this morning with, for once, warm feet (my own). Thus buoyed, I set out on a stroll through Graca to the viewpoint, taking photos every few steps.

Sidewalk scene.
Gas station.
Side street toward the river.
Signature tourist attraction and routine transport from Grace to downtown, the legendary Tram 28.
Mannequin advertising chicken and rabbit.
Mailbox (postcard on the way, K).
Recycle bin and umbrella graveyard (after yesterday).
Fountain near viewpoint.
Church near viewpoint.
View from viewpoint (castle at left).
Viewpoint area named after a writer (looking toward river).
Here she is.
Stationery shop (coming at ya, my sisters and kids).
Old steps over sidewalk.
All that's left was home.


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