Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Any Aude Day

I just checked, and the river's still there, the river Aude, rushing right to left a couple of doors down from where we're staying in Quillan. The Tour de France passes near here in July, but I can't imagine a more impressive sight--never mind sight, just the sound--than the Aude, which runs all night.
The same can't be said of my companions, one of whom is drawing a bath, the other of whom (they're husband and wife) is, well I don't know. Today we headed up for a look over the pass at the Mediterranean.
Windy as hell up there. Is hell windy? We popped back down and bought some wine from the area and drank it and bought some pork chops cut from the area and ate them.
It has been so much fun for me to hang with these Regina friends. I tend to be a solitary fellow, like that signal house up there behind us.
I'll see the Mediterranean again, closer, in a week or so. Tomorrow it's back to Toulouse and from there via Paris to Lisbon.


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Nathan Frank said...

"Is hell windy?"

Good question.

Enjoyed this read.