Saturday, 15 February 2014

Grocery List ($CAN)

Two chicken breasts, $2.63.
375g bag of granola, $3.75.
6 bananas, $1.50.
Onion, $.12.
6 Granny Smiths, $1.60.
Liter of milk, $1.18.
6-pack of stout, $7.00.
2 bottles of decent red wine, $6.30.

Portuguese breakfast: sweets and coffee (always espresso unless you ask for something else).
Portuguese lunch: full meal, anytime from noon to 3.
Portuguese snack: something lightish and briefish (coffee and sweets always an option) around 5.
Portuguese supper: full meal, 8 at the very earliest.

I'm going with BLTs at my place tonight around 8.

Off to Toulouse, nothing Toulouse, tomorrow. There I hook up with some pals from my workplace in Regina. They're shopping for retirement homes. I'll ride in the backseat of our rental car.

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