Friday, 14 February 2014


Lisbon, Portugal.
A thin young Portuguese woman took the "Love Poem to Fernando Pessoa" contest today at the Casa Fernando Pessoa in Lisbon. Among the also-rans was Canadian poet Gerald Hill, whose "You Love" failed to convince the judges, who awarded first prize of a dinner for two to the young woman and her companion. "I couldn't understand much of her piece," Hill remarked, "but I liked it."

In accepting his consolation prize of a book of Pessoa photos and text, Hill added, "I would have given the dinner to that young couple anyway. It was pleasure enough just to be here. I even enjoyed the wildlife over at the Garden earlier. I'll ask my friend Brenda what it is, but I'm guessing duck."

As Happy Hour had arrived at about the time Hill had uttered his fifth line--"three woman under one umbrella, blocking the sidewalk of Rua do Sapadores"--Hill congratulated his fellow poets and headed out for red wine. "I sure hope that Atlantic low doesn't claim my umbrella," he said.

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Brenda Schmidt said...

Nice prize!

I'm guessing duck too! Muscovy duck I'm thinking.