Tuesday, 3 March 2015


I'd invented it three weeks ago and told everyone. Maybe I'd heard it somewhere, but I guess not. So yesterday when a student came up with stressed as backward desserts in what might turn out to be her finest language moment of the semester, I chimed in with my own champ, shopportunity (#3 on my personal hall of fame, after autogeography, which for a while I called my new book, and in the days of grad school theory textu(re)ality).
Students know it's easy to take interest in a word, when they're invited to. It will break through, that word, into smiles or a twitch of eye at least, maybe laughs. 
We'll see tomorrow. With the fabulous John Newlove poem a student selected, I want to see if any of the words are fun backwards, by the way. If someone says "shouldn't we be talking about that ending or what the title does?" I suppose that's what we'll do.


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