Wednesday, 18 March 2015

This Evening

Shaping up well, the spring so far. People push it with their footwear--thongs, sandals with holes, canvas slip-ons. I've thought about getting the bike out. It's too early.
This afternoon pushing Giselle around the blocks--between the alley closest to Albert and Lorne, College and 13th--I had to rub the stroller over patches of soft ice. Giselle didn't mind, pointing at things and calling out.
Earlier, I had a laugh in class. Trying to avoid ignorance yet again of a song known to everyone but me, I latched onto a lyric one student offered, a line from a Journey tune. Maybe only I knew the tune, yeah right.
I don't remember the line right now, but they're coming to town, Journey, in July I think. My student wants to go.

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