Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A Title

Before landing here I checked Footbook, where I thanked my likers--that's you, Uncle Sal and Aunt Maglie. You're such a small crowd.
I hope my students dug Jordan Tannahill today. He's got it going, open to all forms, all avenues. We should all so swiftly chase what we see. 
I blame Jordan's rihannaboi95, in its current form as YouBoot video, for the idea of me hiring Rihanna's people to produce our book launch/ class reading set for April 7th at 7. A student laughed, bordered on loss of self-control, managed to keep it together. I told her she wasn't the only one who could dance. She did stop laughing after a while.
Still, I'd want the full crew. No loose two-shots--even if the other is Paul McCartney, as seen on a recent Rihanna single. I want twenty arms reaching as I emerge--just kidding!

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