Saturday, 28 February 2015

The Secret of Long Life

If I would have said "Secret Clubhouse for Maple Leaf Fans" would you still be reading? Only if you're Tom, Don, Jared, Brenda, Justin, Justin, Dave and one or two more. We all know the Leafs are on the ice tonight and maybe they can beat the Habs--oops, they're down 1-0 late in the first. 
My son Tom, #1 on the list above, became a Leaf fan growing up. (I hear I wonder why.) His timing was good. Doug Gilmour led the team to the final 4 two years in a row, the only team to do so. I give most of the credit to Cliff Fletcher, who brought Gilmour in, and Andreychuk and the others. This was 92-93 and yes, isn't that a long time ago now.
There was a direct line from that team to the Sundin years. Of course Mats himself was a fabulous player and leader, captain of the Swedish captains internationally. He was supposed to put the 92-93 teams over the top, when they got him from Quebec, but it didn't work out that way. They haven't done much in the playoffs since. (Meanwhile, Quebec moved to Colorado and won a Cup in 96.)
And I remember meeting my friend Dave in the Library pub just off the U of A campus in Edmonton. On some kind of class orientation we found ourselves side by side over beer. It didn't take long before the Leafs came up. 
Both Dave and Tom, like me, tune them out when they're losing, having seen that show. The Jays are warming up in Florida, the Raptors are enjoying a lull before the push to the playoffs, so we leave the Leafs alone, though here I am, talking about them.
Better change the subject soon!

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Nathan Frank said...

They made the Eastern Final with Eddie the Eagle, Sundin, Gary Roberts and Darcy Tucker!