Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Yesterday Paul Matwychuk, General Manager of Newest Press, produced this podcast of an interview with me re my Hillsdale Book, soon to be launched in Regina.
One (me) fumbles at such times. I may have sputtered out one or two words of interest.
Today my creative writing students, co-stars of the launch, talked wardrobe. The word pink came up, because one of the student writers has a gig an hour later playing a flute concerto. In her pink, floor-length gown. (Later I bought a pink shirt.)
I admit to a fondness for my own books. This Hillsdale Book offered many useful challenges in the last few years. I feel as if I've taken many a happy walk down its sidewalks.
We'll see how it goes from the launch, two weeks from tonight.


Brenda Schmidt said...

Great interview!

Gerald Hill said...

Paul's good at those things.

Sjvangas said...

You were in my living room today. Informative prospectives dear brother