Thursday, 26 March 2015


When students disagree with me, I'm fine. But what's the purpose of disagreement. Is it to avoid being beaten, or loser in some ego clash? Or take shortcuts? Is it to affirm one's understanding, enhance it?
I frequently remind my students that in any class if they have questions about method, information, grades, assignments, future classes or anything else, they should ask those questions. See the prof, don't let things fester. (A digression would be in order here, if I had a moment.)
Disagreement works best when it's talked about. The longer you wait, the less credible your concerns must be.
But not to leave you on such a solemn note . . .
My best advice today was to let the world into your writing, as in, let in a siren, a diesel engine, bootsteps on a sidewalk. I invited them to go on location in Luther right now and collect some samples, so to speak. Bring back details. Which led to a buttoned-up collar, strand of hair, oversized sweater, the jolt in the chair when your phone rings. Maybe everyone's story would be better for opening up to such matters. Might freshen the narration or a character.
Still too solemn a note, however . . .
Wardrobe for the class reading/GH launch draws discussion. How to dress is entirely up to them, of course. But there's talk of pink, taking the lead from the gown of one of the students, who has a classical recital gig an hour later. I bought a pink shirt for sale at the Bay, for instance. Another student, when this topic came up, stood up and said "I'm wearing this" and showed us her blouse.

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