Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Who Reads This?

Not even my nearest and dearest read this blog (except for you, dear reader).
It could be what I say or the way I say it.
It could be that I haven't done enough to attract readers.
It could be that no one reads blogs.
In Toronto, where I'm based until November 9, I have one reading, six days before I leave. Despite having a car, I did not try to arrange readings in Guelph, London, Hamilton, etc., or anyplace else on the way to/from Toronto.
Neither the Word on the Street nor the International Festival of Authors, both within the next two months, include me. I didn't propose my name, and nobody did it for me.
I published a new book in April. I haven't seen or heard anything about it since. I myself was absorbed in another writing project and didn't give this book enough attention.
None of this matters, it really doesn't, except that yesterday I felt a little discouraged when I happened to glance at the readership stats for this blog. And I was reading of the Austin Clarke memoir, 'Membering, and his own moaning along these lines years ago.
I take it all as a healthy reminder that the world is just me and my writing, which is as it must be.
Now, let's have a bath. 


Brenda Schmidt said...

Great post. Enjoying your daily take!

Gerald Hill said...

Thank you, Brenda.

Amy Nelson-Mile said...

Well, I read it, Gerry! I'm not sure if you see it because I read it through my feed.

Gerald Hill said...

Well thank you, Amy.

Cassidy said...

my mom read HILLSDALE and then recommended it to my dad!

Gerald Hill said...

Excellent. It won't hurt him.