Friday, 25 September 2015

Sign Song

I was happy enough with the old one. Just the right mix of terror and lure, I thought.

A bluff is not a cliff, however. When the lip collapses--collipses, as we say around here--I would tumble into a heap of sand and clay. I could easily conk my head on a rock or break a leg or find myself buried, but that's not the same as a plummet ninety metres straight down.

This morning, along they came with a new sign.

It's still (not) a cliff, as you see. And I appear to have taken a run and leapt, reaching back at the last minute to consider . . .
where's the colon? Is Warning Cliff Edge what's Unstable? Who's Cliff Edge anyway? Has he always been unstable? Is is enough verb for a time-sensitive context like this?

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