Friday, 11 September 2015


If I get too close to the top of the bluffs, I might fall over, I'm told. The word cliff is sounded, as in straight down. In fact it's not quite that dramatic, but to play it safe I view the bluffs from below, looking west. 

While down there, I take a look out to the lake.

After a while, individual bluffs assert themselves.

Pleistocenery, we might call them.

As you see, the forces that create the attraction of the area would destroy it.

Doris McCarthy took an active interest in projects designed to protect both the bluffs and the ravine, two of three sides to her 13 acres.

The area between tree mass in that photo is a six-foot buffer of weeds and wildflowers at the edge of her property, as we see here back up on top.

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