Friday, 18 September 2015


When "building a tower from single grains of sand, a backyard project the city must eventually approve" ranks as my best idea, the day hasn't done much. As for the thrill of lying flat on my back a metre from a bluff that one of these million years will be long fallen, I think I got more kicks on a kids' ferris wheel at the Regina fair with my daughter years ago. ("Dad was clutching the sides, clutching," she might say. "He said he wanted to get off. I talked him into waiting for the wheel to stop.")

Today was a muggy afternoon, that's all. I tried a few stretches. Everything seemed to be connected. If the cliff goes (I was thinking), at least I'll feel loose on the way down.

I've got to hand it to lake Ontario. The boats are out, the beach is long, water checked every day.

Look up, you'll see the flightpath to/from the airport on Toronto Island, west of here (but created by a few thousand years of ex-bluff).

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I adore the pictures......