Monday, 14 September 2015

Goose Morning to You

Just now geese invented hockey, number 99 billing a newly fallen apple past the defencegoose, big number 4. 
I must hand it to the geese. It's taken until day 5 or so of my stay here, but I think I'm revising my normal chase-and-disdain impulse re these creatures. In the pond and fountain and today's bright sun, they put on quite a show with their splashes flapping, their giving each other chase. I wonder which came first--a body the size of an outboard motor or a fabled neck to tune it up, which they do more or less constantly. I wish I were half as clean.
At first light this morning (as if any light could be first), a deer and two young stood around out back, nibbling. I've seen raccoon and squirrel and a tubey dark fellow with a thin tail. The reporting on the erosion control project, the saviour of these bluff-top properties, lists dozens of creatures that populate the bluff and ravine. Of all the pond visitors, I'm the tamest.

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