Wednesday, 4 February 2015


One writer said she couldn't revise because it would be an entirely new piece. I said well isn't that what revise means? So far she can't get past what she thinks a poem should be.

Others look miserable, as if what's the point of picking up stones putting them down.

A friend told me about the American poet (sorry, can't remember her name) who tells her students not to use metaphor. Tough assignment! It would help if we all understood what metaphor is in the first place, but ok. The way I might put it is risk verbs (which also might call for a refresher).

At the grocery store 30 minutes ago I imagined a scene--where parking lot meets store entrance--we all pursued in writing. No pauses to describe allowed. I don't know if we'll get to that one.

Twice I brought to class today "The Double-Headed Snake" by John Newlove. Everyone seemed to enjoy the notion of terror and beauty joined at the hip. And the poem both asserts a wise cadence and circles back on itself as if unsure. In the end we have it both somehow, anything but static and safe.

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