Monday, 23 February 2015

Having Halted the Leafs' Losing Streak

I returned to Regina. A pattern of warmer/colder days applied to both cities.
Everyone's getting traded. Any Leaf named in trade talks says that's the nature of the business. If I were in their poet skates, I'd find it tough to prepare for games with that on my mind, though the 2.5 mill I get per year might help.
I didn't detect much love for the Leafs in Toronto, but I added what I could. When from my daughter's balcony I spotted what looked like the roof of Maple Leaf Gardens and said so, Lucy confirmed it. The former Cathedral on Carleton and Church, now known for its Loblaws, could barely show itself butt first to the cityscape of downtown Toronto, but barely it did.
Lucy and I made two or three trips there, as did thousands of others. Once I saw a guy pulling his hockey bag and a couple of sticks into the elevator. I damn near requested his presence on aisle 25, where a red circle represents center ice at the Gardens, so we could stage a face-off for the camera.
As the scenario played out in my mind, as soon as the puck (or a can of tuna) dropped I'd flip it past the guy and break in alone . . .

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