Sunday, 15 February 2015

Off to Explore Matters in Toronto

Dedicated readers of this blog--a frosty afternoon to you, Uncle Jack and Aunt Moss--have been waiting for me to cure what ails the Toronto Maple Leafs.
They think that because I've been a Leafs fan since 1957, I should be the one with answers. In recent years my answer has been to ignore them when they're losing.
It's tough to say that. The team still represents greatness, in my opinion. I think of names such Johnny Bower, Dave Keon, the Big M, Sittler and McDonald, and--one more time, let's hear it for my favourite Leaf ever--Borje Salming. Only a couple of months have passed since the Leafs were the hottest team in the NHL. I suppose what defines me as a Leaf fan is that I assume further greatness could arrive any moment.
In this sense I'm out of touch with the Toronto that won't stop bitching about their hockey team, if it's theirs. Why don't they get behind it, I wonder.
But how did I get on this topic! I'm flying to Toronto, and it's not for the Leafs.


Brenda Schmidt said...

The Man From Saskatchewan Who Went to Toronto and was Cagey About It.

Bernadette said...

If not for the Leafs, then what?