Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Two Months

I was once out of the country for almost three years. I remember how slow the first month seemed, then it was over.
Two months into this trip, the only time I wish it was over is when I worry about money. Today so far has been more about the next place, Tangier, than here in lovely Cadiz (city of the narrow streets that keep wind, sun and vehicles out of the old city (billed as the oldest in Europe) built on an  isthmus a km and half wide and two deep). Fussing to arrange bus to Algeciras, ferry across to Morocco three days from now. It's 4:15 pm, the quietest time in Cadiz, the shops closed and streets empty. By 7 they'll be buzzing again.
None of this matters to the rooftops north,

["battery exhausted"]

east (with the iPhone),



and (cropped) up.

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