Saturday, 22 March 2014

Hey, Isn't That My Overcoat?

My many readers (bon soir, Uncle Fergie and Aunt Di) know that a while back, a long while back in this blog, I went on about an overcoat. To recap briefly, after the fashion of Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive and Jerry Seinfeld in his tv show, I wanted an overcoat. It had to be long--so long, as it turned out, I had to have one custom made. I love the coat and wouldn't mind putting it on right now on this chilly evening in Tangier.
Anyway, earlier today I was minding my own business in the Grand Socco, the plaza just outside the medina, when I saw my overcoat on a Moroccan man. Smaller coat, smaller man, but there it was, wasn't it? I took a picture over my shoulder.

That's the nearest mosque in the background, by the way. I wondered if I should make something more of seeing this coat, beyond the fact that the old guy found it the medina somewhere, where you can find anything. After a while he took off.

I did too. Now there's a problem with my bank card, which means I have to cut this short (the opposite of what I ordered for my coat) and see what I can do. Uncle Fergie and Aunt Di, if you get an emergency call in the middle of the night, please answer it.

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