Sunday, 16 March 2014

One Afternoon in the Medina

The guide books will say maze of narrow streets and assault on your senses and half the fun is in getting lost! When I was good and ready, I entered by the top gate

and, no problem, found the Kasbah (now a museum), formerly owned and operated by the pre-Romans, the Romans, the post-Romans, and the Portuguese, with its lovely central courtyard

and the sultan's garden, now a little run down, out back.
All I had to do after that was keep heading lower
maybe with a side trip here and there
and I'd make it to the Petit Socco for mint tea.
In the end (admittedly a difficult concept in the medina), all I got lost in was taking pictures of cats (not just tolerated but revered creatures here, apparently, unlike in doggy Andalusia).
Just lucky, I guess.


Brenda Schmidt said...

Look at the pretty kitties! Cats rule!

Gerald Hill said...

In Morocco, until a cat can pull a cart or haul sacks of grain on its back, I'm afraid it's donkeys that rule.