Friday, 14 March 2014

Getting Here

8:30, waiting in Cadiz bus terminal, reading my Lonely Planet re Tangier.
10:12, heading down the A-5 to the ferry terminal at Algeceris, Pink Panther cartoons showing.
10:30, the shadow-bulk of Gibraltar, next to the industrial port of Algeceris. Fuss: ferry delayed, but I can shuttle to Tarifa and catch a faster ferry there. Agreed.
11:05, waiting until noon for the shuttle, eating cheese, salami, radishes--the last of my Cadiz food.
11:35, inhabiting my usual limbo while waiting for things, unable to sink into, say, reading.
11:55, boarding the correct bus, one a traveler's small victories.
12:20, viewing the Strait, and the mountains across, from the heights above Tarifa.
1:15, seated aboard the Algecira Jet, a high-speed catamaran easing from the dock.
1:40, mid-Strait, the sea messing with the fine motor control of pen in notebook.
2:20, setting foot in Tangier, Morocco, avoiding the hubbub around the port, looking for cheaper taxi.
3:05, entering room of my hotel, the Dar El Kasbah, which looks fine.
3:40, eating raisins and cashews in the Grand Socco, the central square.

And so on. Tomorrow: the medina.

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