Monday, 14 April 2014

Repeating Moon

Tangled in cloud, the full moon didn't show until well after midnight last night. I'd wanted to give it a look.
I remember watching the moon rise from the ocean off Puerto Moreles in January and waiting for the Feb moon between bottles of wine in Quillan. One night in March, there it was, above the Grand Socco in Tangier, tempting, on my walk home from Cinema Rif.
I enjoy seeing the moon. An easy weirdity a movie can present is a sky with no moon ever, or with unfamiliar forms. Those extra shapes in the Star Wars sky, for instance, or the oncoming horror of that celestial erratic in Melancholia. At home I enjoy pretending to scold my students for not knowing when the moon is full.
Today I spent hours in a sling chair by the river, trying to figure tides, in lieu of that full moon last night, which I missed at first.
Here's to you, lieu moon, my last on this trip.