Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Pastels Have a New and Fresh Effect

Yesterday’s International New York Times, which I read today, previews “this season’s clothes” in Paris. Key word: pastels.

Thus inspired, I offer this survey-in-progress of today’s clothes in Lisbon.

1. tourist chic—any and all Tilley, Officio, Columbia, North Face and the like. Sweaters or jackets knotted, if not worn, neatly around the neck or waist. Nothing but sensible sandals or shoes.

2. short short chic—mainly on tourist girls, one of whom I overheard saying, “I can’t imagine that he enjoys watching me make out with other guys in front of him.”

3. more modest get-ups on the younger Portuguese women—because it’s a work day?

4. Chucks—all colours, high- and low-cut, men and women, boys and girls.

5. the older woman look (local)—heavily coiffed, wide sunglasses, upper class?

6. boot and leggings, leggings and boots.

7. tight leggings-like jeans—boys and girls.

8. the older man look (local)—corduroy pants, tidy cardigans, flat caps.

9. stupid tourist-pack t-shirts.

10. unsurprising versions of blue and grey, with splashes of #1 and #8—yours truly.

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