Saturday, 15 March 2008

the songs of Stan Still

Just a while ago on the phone, my eldest daughter's question about "my schedule for the day"--we're trying to meet for lunch or a beer or something--left me a little puzzled.

First will be some internet backgammon while I stretch for my run.

Well, I can see that continuing with such a list will be pretty boring. But maybe what's most on my mind at the moment is how exactly I'm going to follow up my public claim to do a "songs of Stan Still as performed by Gerald Hill" gig at the Freehouse on April 19 (two days after the launch ofr My Human Comedy, another story). I'll have to sing a couple, see if I can get a guitar player for a couple, maybe even dig out my trombone.

(Haven't played the bone since the '05 Grey Cup parade.)

They're supposedly songs written in the voice of Stan Still, whatever that is. Mostly about feeling helpless in the face of love, is how I recall them right now.

They do require a voice that can sing in key and is not afraid.


Brenda Schmidt said...

I'd love to be at that gig! I'm quite fond of Stan.

Gerald Hill said...

And Stan is fond of you, which is an allusion to a classic ad for what classic soft drink?

Brenda Schmidt said...

Uh, hmm.....(where is Paula Jane when I need her...)

Gerald Hill said...

"You'll like it, and it likes you."

Anonymous said...

7-up! Ha, ha, ha.