Sunday, 9 March 2008

Rock Dove Chronicle, Part Three

I just got a great idea. Make essay assignment #4 exactly the same as #3. These ones aren't good enough--don't lay out clearly enough what they want to do, or do it systematically enough.

Seems over-formal when I put it that way.

So why not ask them to build on what they have already, more or less incomplete as it is, and give themselves a chance to do some better work (on will Ferguson's Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw).

Meanwhile, the same rock dove has been settling every two hours or so on the south side of my balcony. I've chased it away by crashing a broomstick against my balcony door. That's my main tactic until I install certain anti-rock dove devices--sorry, that's classified information for now--in their faourite spots.

Just now I chased one away. A different one.


Amy said...

Are rock doves so awful? Maybe you could just let them visit.

Gerald Hill said...

Yes! They make noise on a sunny morning when I'm trying to sleep in. They shit on my hockey equipment when I leave it out to dry. They leave unsightly piles of shit on my windowledges. They shit on my barbecue or, if I cover it, makes themselves a special home underneath the cover. They do plenty of visiting, believe me.