Sunday, 23 March 2008

Rock Dove 6

With my happy hour, drop-in book launch coming up on April 17 (details at my website or upon request), I've been compiling my launch mix cds. Right now, some funk, Grateful Dead style: "Shakedown Street".

Launch music cds have nearly replaced rock doves as my private obsession. Easy to say, now that the doves had had to find solace elsewhere. (I think I saw Winnifred and her mate heading southeast, toward that new condo unit made from old apartments.)

Edith Wiens, Steve Earle, Ella, Wailing Jennies, Tierney Sutton, Ry Cooder, Eddie Daniels, Bill Evans, Leonard Cohen, Allison Krauss, the Mavericks, Emmy-Lou, Blossom Dearie, Tom Waits, and others.

Maybe I'll make a rock dove cd: Ex-coos.

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