Thursday, 13 March 2008

Rock (Dove) and Roll Hall of Fame

Sure I remember the Dave Clark Five, one of five inductees--with Leonard Cohen, John Mellancamp, Madonna, and the The Ventures--into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Like the Beatles, the DC Five first showed up to North American audiences via the Ed Sullivan show, which used to air on Sunday nights, right before Bonanza. Although saxaphones were not new to rock and roll bands that followed black R and B groups, the Dave Clark band featured a baritone sax, about as large a sax as you can get. There he was, lip-synching along with the lads on the Sullivan stage. "I'm in pieces, bits and pieces," was one of their anguished refrains. ("Glad all over, yes I'm glad all over" was another.) I bought their 45s--Capital Records, if I'm not mistaken, like the early Beatles.

Meanwhile I'm building my rock dove hall of fame to which no rock dove will be inducted. Sorry, the details are still classified, but let's just say that yesterday after rock doves number 34 ("Esther") and 35b ("Rod") played down in the alley in the meltwater, they were unable to talk it over later up on my balcony.


Brenda Schmidt said...

Poor pigeons.

Gerald Hill said...

Poor pigeons my butt. Over on my neighbour's balcony this morning, I spotted a couple of rock dove newlyweds, Irene and Abel, fixing a nest. Irene, I think, was the one with the straw in her mouth.