Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Dogologue: Hazard

Serious, dog’s not for everyone.
The under-threes for instance
should roll away from dog like
cup from saucer. No one wants to ingest
small magnets meant to fix Alloy Man
to his/her ship. Yeah, children’s products.

Last time I met severe trauma Dad bought me
a tilted frame about three by three
securing a mesh into which I could pitch
my best fastball or kick any football.
The mesh would catch and return. Dad thought
I’d turn sad-armed like him and pitch
for some town in the 30s, Shamrock Eagles,
Rock Glen Fiddicks, Ernfold Laundry-Kings,
Morse Codes—for all of them
pitcher what the leaders want to play.

Swallow happens. Murakami
in Norwegian Wood writes that gulp
we hear when the movie
sears. I’m talking about
jewelry. Dog let’s face it
will eat it. You know
how he plays.

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