Thursday, 15 October 2015


I walked down to the groyne on lake Ontario yesterday--a mile mostly uphill back to civilization (but no decent coffee shop) and the trail head, down the Doris McCarthy trail, to end up just below my house.

I was minding my own business down there, working on some writing.

Like every other time I've been down there, I thought about climbing straight up to the yard (rather than looping up the trail and all the way around back down the road to the house), which begins just past the left-hand stand of trees in this photo .

I decided to do it, just this once. But don't tell anyone. I chose a route up the ravine wall. Something like this, as seen from the top:

It was hard! The ravine wall was potentially, make that actually, unstable--I promise never to mess with it again--and my own body acted unstable itself, requiring several significant rest stops on the way up. 

Big deal, said Angel.

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Brenda Schmidt said...

Be careful out there! I'm really enjoying your adventures. Hi to Angel!