Thursday, 20 August 2015

Which of These Would Bug You?

No speed.
No toughness.
Devoid of commitment.
No sense of team.
No ability to finish.
No coach you care about.
No parents in the stands.
No will.
No recovery, no pressure.
No desire to win.
No height, no long arms.
Can't draw fouls, can't convert when you do.
No team-mates behind you.
No movement with or without the ball.
No victories one-on-one.
No one who rushes over to pick you up.
No moves to create openings.
No idea how to huddle with the game on the line.
No crashing the boards.
No coach who listens.
No points in the paint.

Anyway, none of this applies to the FIBA Americas Women's Basketball champs from Canada, who ran away from Cuba in the final, in Edmonton last Sunday.

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