Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Tree Plan

Must have been about two o'clock when I thought, to hell with it, I'll go sit under a tree I like.
(They should have skipped the landscaping, stage right.)

Once when I asked my students to name their favourite tree, few could do it. I got clusters or leafy hiding places but hardly that one tree around which a life had swung.

This one's where for 19 years I turned onto the URegina campus from Wascana parkway southbound. Further on, offstage right, the intersection has been modified for reasons of pedestrian safety and ease. For some observers, new signage is required (while others prefer to see funds directed at leakage in the classrooms). 

The tree is my sign, I guess is what I had in mind with my students that day. What's yours?

Those thoughts got me to about 2:15. I'd go and sit and see what the tree might mean, willing to endure taunts or hallelujahs from passing motorists (assuming they're meant for me and not my Leaf cap). (In either case, hey, I'm helpless.)

As things turned out, I couldn't endure the mosquitos, which don't show up in the photograph.

I came here, Stone's Throw, for mint tea. I plan to rub leftover mint on my body and head back out there--dear reader, contain yourself--to consider the tree, which in better photographs or later seasons might show the animal it is. And to consider the signage so loathed or ignored.

Here is where things are heading:

From here:

Once you pass this tree, here seen from the south at about 4:30:

Where am I in all this?

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