Monday, 10 August 2015

Titanic Makes Port

According to last night's dream, I was just getting home from somewhere or other on horseback when my boss asked if I'd like to do something short. Apparently Sarah Jessica Parker was shooting a commercial and they needed a cowboy. I didn't really want to but said yes as a favour to Lou, the boss. I began to make my way to the shoot which was happening at the Luther College high school campus. When I got there, Titanic was just about to dock. A young kid was quite excited about it, jawing back and forth with the crew, who became annoyed. On the way up the gang, a woman I'd met earlier wanted to break a bottle of champagne, which she did. We didn't drink any but let it run over our fingers. I approached the wicket to sign in for the commercial. The guy asked if I had any visible tattoos. I said no. Those few seconds were enough for both of us to realize I wouldn't be getting the part but we chatted. He said they were looking for a very specific cockney accent. He said to be sure to thank Lou for sending me over, and I left. I realized later that I should have stayed there at the edge of the set in my cowboy hat and long coat until I got so hungry and miserable looking that they had to give me the part.

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