Thursday, 9 April 2015

Second Last Day

It's all sweetness and night now, earlier just the sweetness. My creative writing class and I--a mutual admiration society. (Cue the old, very old, lyric:
to a mu-tu-al
ad-mir-a-tion society,
my baby and me.)
I won't bother with the details, but for a while there I thought I might start to cry.
We were all feeling the peak of the launch/reading, at least I was. One of the students, at the after party the other night, had declared that yes, we have a bit of business to do on Thursday, but after that we'll play "Things In a Box". We had time for two rounds this morning. Everybody, I think, felt it as our last moments around the table. The minute class ends, we're all on to the next thing.
I'll read their stories this weekend and submit the final grades Monday.

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