Thursday, 2 April 2015

Last Two Weeks, Day 4

A colleague told me politely she wondered about the noise coming from my classroom this morning. "Something about grasshoppers," she said. That must have been during a round of Things in a Box, a game that requires us, in this case, to guess who mentioned the grasshoppers. Though I didn't get to the story of my mom during her own wedding ceremony in 1938 when a grasshopper jumped up under her dress--she had to hold it there with her gloved hand--I did speak of a bag of prewashed romaine which contained, I would soon find out (seeing it dead, coated in dressing, at the edge of my friend's dinner place) a hopper the size of a mouse.
Nothing too substantial was needed, in class today. They handed in short stories, draft 2. They can leave the stories for 5 days and come back to them, one more time.
We talked about the launch/reading. Someone doubted I meant it when I told them how much fun we'll have.

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