Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Last Two Weeks, Days 2-3

Two of my classes are writing personal essays, each with a revision process that involves handing in ever-longer and deeper pieces. If students comment on how hard they're finding the process of going deeper, I know they're where they should be. If they see this assignment as leaving alone the stuff I don't comment on and tacking on another page at the end, they're going through the motions.
Meanwhile, over in the creative writing class, second drafts of short stories are due tomorrow. This is the No Dread group, as in, they'll each be doing two minutes at the launch/reading on Tuesday night, and they'll be using a mic in front of anywhere from 15-75 people, and we're all (us, not the people) wearing something pink, but No Dread (which, after I'd written it on the board on Tuesday, someone converted to No Bread). Good times expected.

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