Wednesday, 4 September 2013


During the night I enjoyed a visit to my hometown--Herbert, where the Coteau crosses the Trans-Canada between Moose Jaw and Swift Current--and decided to move there. I was quite realistic about the pros and cons of life there, deciding that I'd open a coffee shop/bar on the pier. Coffee/tea until happy hour, liquor after that. This dream ended with (1) winter, and (2) no lake, sea or river in Herbert.
Today we start another round of classes. In recent years I've been dabbling with thinking about retirement. The August 23rd headline in the Globe and Mail sent me a clear message: RETIRE OLD TANKERS, SENATE URGES. Some things need simply to be "taken out of service," as the Senate committee chair said. Perhaps "retrofitted or barred".
I've always said I'd retire when the pros (even the poetry) of the job no longer counterbalance the cons. And certain elements of the job do seem to call for my retrofitting or scrapping.
But fun is fun. Today I plan to sneak early into my 2:30 class and sit in the corner, pretending I'm a student, until all the other students arrive.


Anonymous said...

I see you still refer to Herbert as your hometown. Good to hear. I wonder whether you use Brownlee Street as a password security question. Lol.. I found this blog a few months ago and read it every few weeks or so. 5 Anderson avenue would be another PW security clue.
Have a good year!
From a former Dodger fan

Gerald Hill said...

Brownlee and Anderson--that's pretty specialized knowledge. I can't think of a Dodger fan I know or knew. Who are you, I wonder.