Saturday, 14 September 2013

City of Apologists for Saskatchewan Roughriders

Three Rider players were arrested a day or two ago--now released until next court date, in October-- for aggravated assault after a late-night altercation along the Dewdney strip in Regina that sent one man to hospital with serious wounds. But today on the pre-game radio show, which I happened to be listening to on the way home from washing my car, via the liquor and grocery stores, the commentators portrayed the players as victims. The argument went like this: We live in a fishbowl, the eye always on us. Believe it or not, some people want to take us down a peg for some play we did or didn't make. And they don't hold back. Touchy situations arise, and we're going to react. We have to be smart, that's all, and cover each other's back.
So despite the controversy and debate, two descriptors offered by the Leader-Post, the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club decided not to suspend the players--citing the need for more information, not to mention the fact the players are innocent until proven otherwise. They'll be in the line-up tonight against Toronto.
The commentators said nothing about obey the law or what makes those idiots think that just because they're Riders they can rough people up. Just be smart.
They added, in the end the Riders will do the right thing. They always do.

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Bernadette said...

I caught the tail end of that pre-game talking about the "Dewdney Avenue Incident" and I was as appalled about it as I was when I heard about it. The suggestion that there should be a different set of rules for football players and the rest of us makes my skin crawl! That suggestion has been made on social media as well, more than once.

I ended up turning off the game partway through the first quarter. I turned it back on with 55 seconds left in the game. Disappointed that they lost, yes, but not surprised. There has to be a morale issue at play, doesn't there? Three weeks ago, your teammates get their asses hauled off to the cop shop, get charged with assault and that doesn't mean anything? I dunno. I think it's a problem and we've seen two losses.

Here ends my theorizing for the day.