Thursday, 12 September 2013

Real Swimming

20 minutes ago, leaving the pool, I saw it. A young woman in a blue racing suit emerged from the water, stripped off her cap, re-tied her single long braid, twisted it into a bun and pinned it, pulled the cap on, tucked in her hair all around, jumped back from a wasp, dove in, and in a half dozen powerful strokes reached the far side--all in 15 seconds. I tried not to stare. Water polo club, I guess!
At home I opened a new 500g jar of organic peanut butter. Stirring it cast my hands, arms and shoulders--many other parts  of me as well--back to the pool, my clumsy widths, pushing more water than I cut through.
The peanut butter was fine, "may contain other nuts and seeds" or not.
Hoping the pool was swell at your place too,

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