Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Poetry Book for English 110

Just now I sat down to think of how to bring my students and Brenda Schmidt's Grid together. (My students have to do the bringing, but that's another story.) I opened the book at random (a word to explore in general with all my students) to find "Whiteout," page 43 (the number of Ron Atchison, former Rider great, father of a former student).
Good, I say, having seen the rush at Staples the day before. A poem about school supplies.
Not so. We get to toilet and horizon wiped out, which I think is a hoot (my grandson potty training and all); I wonder if my students will.
Then seriously, storm tension. That listening for connection. And that killer last idea,
not to forget her two-line stanzas and what they do.
After we read a bunch of poems we'll see what they add up to, maybe, but that's later.

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