Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Surgery Assessment

Do you bruise easily?
How are the bowels?
The waterworks?
Any trouble sleeping?
What time is it.
Did you ever have surgery before?
Once for an absessed appendix, thirty years ago. Twice on my left humerus, fifty years ago.
Which humerus was that?
Can you live from midnight to late afternoon on nothing by mouth?
You bet!
Now, next of kin?
Next of what?

And so on. Just a knee scope Friday. I'll crutch to the Daniel Tysdal keynote Saturday, cane to the Brenda Schmidt talk Monday, ease to the Old Campus Renewal fete Wednesday noon and the Hagios launch Wednesday night, drive to the SWG Open House Thursday.


Brenda Schmidt said...

Best wishes! Heal quickly, big hi to Dan, and keep that cane on the floor on Monday!

Gerald Hill said...

Thanks. I've promised myself that if I ever use a cane it will be a James Bond cane, filled with necessary objects within a fine wood frame.