Sunday, 31 July 2011


Ok, here's your chance to weigh in, my many readers (that's you Aunt Sarah and Uncle Huck).

I've just begun to consider Hill, a Geography as title of this manuscript I`ve been working on. Used to be imagined by a former name to do with Hillsdale, that part of the city.

I invite you to talk about this title or titles in general. Meanwhile, I`ll carry on.


Bernadette said...

I think it's a good title, Hill. But what do I know about titling? Gack! Get Tracy's or Kris's opinion. They helped me title several poems over the years.

What is it about titling, anyway? Jann Arden said that for songs it's good to use something that repeats throughout the song, something to help the listener remember the title. I don't think that works for poetry though I suppose it could on occasion.

Oh, I remember Betsy Warland at the SHWE in '02 suggesting that a manuscript title may be found by noting the 'heartwood' phrases of it and choosing one.

I wish there was a rule for titling. Hmm...maybe numbers would work...

Brenda Schmidt said...

I like it.

Gerald Hill said...

Thanks you two. No need to do too much with a title, I'd say, as long as it doesn't suck.

Anyway, with mine I'm going to ditch the comma, make Hill a verb.