Monday, 25 July 2011

Road Trip With My Sisters, Step One

This happens soon, leaving from south of Sherwood Park in Alberta. Day One might look something like two or three new (to us) highways down to three ferries near Leader, Sask., maybe staying (staining?) the night in Eston or sneaking onto a certain farm near Luck lake to pitch our tent. (Except sisters #2 and #3 have said "no tent" so I'm pretty sure it's the Eston Inn--greetings my friend Brit!--on night One).

Maybe Outlook gets us for night Two, by the time we hit Riverhurst ferry north of Herbert where sister #1 and I were born, #2 got as far as grade 9, #3 graduated grade 12. (Yours truly, in grade one, carried her books. Remind me to take my revenge by kicking butt at the card table, where bridge or cribbage or Scrabble could break out.)

Day Three, well this is getting to be too many numbers but I think we meet aunts and uncles and cousins for lunch August 14 in Saskatoon (my initial idea was to have them dangle food bags along highway 11 so we grab them as we drove by, Tour de France style). Later we'll drive to sunset, might be the command, if get to make commands, which for sure I will, being the birthday boy.

I'll ending up telling you more.

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Brenda Schmidt said...

No tent? C'mon!

I expect pictures!