Friday, 7 September 2007

Why I Love My Job

With the first-years, I can play with their nervousness (see "What's UP" on and talk about how they read a poem. (After we deal with the article in Thursday's Globe about the proposed banning of hoodies in a Halifax high school.)

With my "writing the western landscape" class we can consider just what connection, if any, we might feel with what Don Gayton calls our "primal landscape." (After I finish teasing them about walking across intersections while operating hand-held gizmos--and without a helmet.)

And in the creative writing class I get to brandish my favourite quotation on line-making: "Keep the line (which has movement) from breaking down and becoming a hole into which we sink decoratively to rest" (W.C. Williams).

It's all part of a fun wash back and forth, writing and teaching.

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