Wednesday, 5 September 2007

How To Get Out

Quick throw to a covering McDonald at second to double-off Varitek.
Still 1-0 after two.

Tried to pick up the extra base, did Ortiz, and it cost him.
1-0 after three.

Rolls it back to Marcum, who was a shortstop in college, for the easy out at first.
1-0 after four.

LIner by Glaus, right to Ellsbury. But the Jays strike for three--3-1 after four and a half.

The Jays will hold the Rod Sox 3-1 through five.



Anonymous said...

Big story small: Thomas presently riding a 15-game hit streak. 15 games! That's big. AW

Gerald Hill said...

He's big, that's about it.