Friday, 14 September 2007

Just Now

Relay from McDonald: not in time, 3-0 Orioles
gives me a chance to tell this story from earlier today.

Another entry in the assignment-gone-wrong category. I wanted my students to talk about elegy in connection with a Sid Marty essay called "The Rucksack," from Fresh Tracks. (Ain't what it used to be both for the rucksack and for Marty, like that.)

But one of students hears allergy, and ends up talking about chemical reactions.

Later he apologized for his English but didn't need to.


emmaline said...

The same thing happened at the community association a few weeks ago. The modern/creative/interpretive dancer who had been hired to give a workshop for the "ArtsREACH" festival thought she was showing up to the "Allergies" festival. I wish I'd seen the dance.

Gerald Hill said...

Truly something in the air.